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Beef – Lusaka Vs Kopala…..Again? (Throghback) (Macky 2 Vs Slapdee)
By on August 29th, 2021. Treding

Rewind to “Born and Bred awards 2011“, Slapdee wins an award passes a subliminal comment in his acceptance speech aimed at Macky 2. Next day Macky 2 responds with a diss track called “Iam Zambia HipHop”  and all hell breaks loose. The copperbelt sides with Macky 2‘s camp in supporting Kopala,on the other hand Lusaka sides with Slapdee in supporting XYZ. The rest of the provinces are left to choose either of the two. This division was so bad and changed the landscape of Zambian music forever. Some Lusaka artistes were not allowed to perform on the copperbelt and vice versa.

Up to until 2013, the beef was squashed and unity could now rain as the two biggest rivals ‘kissed and hugged’ all the animosity off. For the reminder of the last decade, more efforts were made to unify the Zambian Music Industry with shows like the “Slapdee Vs Macky 2” in 2015 and collaborations  on many songs and videos. By 2016, beef was a thing of the past. One could think the industry was in safe hands until 2021..Well, it’s barely two weeks in and guess what’s knocking on the door? The Kopala vs Lusaka division again!

Kopala music promoter and long term Macky 2 manager, Shawn Kaystar, out of what one may question whether genuine praise or attempt to discredit the other side, took to his Facebook page to applaud what “Kopala” artistes have done on the scene. Saying they have been running the game for the last decade and Lusaka should pull up their socks. Many Lusaka fans did not take this post lightly.

Coincidentally or not, Slapdee took to his Facebook praise new Lusaka acts Ikko and Ace as the real new wave despite many Kopala fans and promoters saying new duo “4 na 5” is the next big thing.

In the late hours of Friday afternoon, Hmac who is long term Slapdee manager took to his Facebook page to support Lusaka artistes in a post that had a “Shawn Kaystar“ response written all over it. After seeing the post, Shawn Kaystar went ahead to respond maintaining his stance that Kopala artistes were bossing the industry in everything. With a picture showing reference to the recent “Chanda Na Kay” filling of Woodlands stadium.

But is this beef that is brewing necessary? With all the investment that the new labels have put in should we be debating on Kopala Vs Lusaka artistes or trying to penetrate the African market. El Mukuka just got signed to the same label as Billie Ellish shouldn’t we unite? How are we going to get those million views if Shawn Kaystar and Hmac divide the industry again? This editor only has two words for the two managers: Shut Up!


Slap Dee Discloses Losing About 3 Lives Due To The Beef He Had With Macky 2……

In a radio interview with DJ Edu for BBC Africa, Zambian hiphop Height weight – Slap Dee Disclosed losing about 3 people in relation with the jab he had with Macky 2, the act further explained about him staying relevant since day one.

Slap Dee Catches An Interview With BBC [Listen Now]

Zambian hiphop mogul – Slap Dee finally hits a radio interview with BBC.

BBC media inc wrrote,
Slapdee is a Zambian hip-hop pioneer. He started rapping back in 2006, but he’s still one of the most popular in the country. His is an amazing story of overcoming the odds – he lost both parents in a car crash, and, as a teen, lived alone in one of Lusaka’s toughest neighbourhoods. He talks to DJ Edu about rap battles, realising his difficult start was material, and tapping into young audiences.

Get to listen to the full interview below.

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